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make fillings to simple 3d forms with GDL??

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i just read a little bit of the GDL technology and Iam searching for an ideo to convert 2d fillings in AC to simple 3d forms. I need that for a site plan with many houses (blocks with some atriums). I have these plans in simple 2d fillings (dxf/dwg). I want to search an oppurtunity to give all houses (filings) a high "Z" to get a simple 3d model of the plan.

Is there a possibility with GDL? I just try to copy and modify and compare the code in the 3d-script AND the 2d-script of a simple form, but with no result.

Karl Ottenstein
It is probably easier to not use GDL for what you want. Instead, bring in your site plan, ideally with each building fill or outline as a continuous-edged outline. Then just use the slab tool and magic wand each outline or fill into a mass.

One of the forum moderators
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Archicad also has a massing building with a rudimentary roof shape.

"House Model 12" in the USA library.

The advantage to using this is the ability to place a shape on a contoured mesh using gravity to automatically place it at the right elevation. You mouse around the site click click click and the little houses, made from tikitaki, all look the same.
Dwight Atkinson

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