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Autotext from a Schedule


Hello, I have been looking into automating a lot of forms that my current employer uses for their QC. One of those forms specifically asks for the Joist size in section, Joist spacing in another section, so on and so forth. 


As of right now I have schedules that pull custom properties from my model to list out all of this info.

(example: I set my sub-floor slab to classification "Floor", which has custom properties for floor framing listing all the required information)


This auto populates my Floor Framing schedule with these properties. Which works for the floor, but my QC guy wants a separate form, different then the plans, with all this info. I have re-made his form in ArchiCad and can Autofill out most of the items from the "Project Info" and I was hoping to just autotext the rest of the form from the schedules I have produced. So if say I change my joists from 2x10 to 2x12 in the properties of my floor, it would update both the schedule and the autotext on the new form I've made. 


However I am not finding a way to autotext straight from what a schedule states. I have looked through forums and havent seen anyone else ask this question so either its not possible or its so stupid simple that no one else asked it.


Can I get some help? 

TL;DR: can I set up Autotext to pull info from a schedule I have produced?

Tim Ball

property info attached to elements are synchronised so you can change either in the model or in the schedule it makes no difference

use auto text to pick up the property info

Tim Ball

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