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"Your library is NOT identifiable"

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I am trying to update my AC12 on the Mac Intel. I get this message even though I've downloaded the most recent hotfix they recommend. It looks like I have the current build. Does anyone else have this issue ?

Laura Yanoviak
I'm guessing you don't have a "ArchiCAD Library 12" folder within your Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 12 folder, or you're missing the "ArchiCAD Library.version" file within the same folder.
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Karl Ottenstein
A hotfix and a library update are two different downloads. You say only that you downloaded the hotfix. This is saying that you did not download (or did not install) the library update.

Edit: Oops, did not read the subject line. Yes, that message indicates the problem described by Laura.

One of the forum moderators
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Ah hah !!!!!

Thanks ! I love it when its a simple thing like that.

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