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windows and doors, we need something better.

So i have for some time wanted to create my own doors and windows, as the ones provided with archicad are sorry to say far from that great. there are other options such as cadimage tools, but you have to upgrade every year to keep using the tools... I have used cadimage for 4 years now and used to swear by them. i recently purchased D3 smart parts doors and windows. i love them. i did have to change some of the code to have them look the way i want but they are a great alternative for the price.

Here is my proposal ( yes another one..)

we crowd source funds so that i can take the time to create a better standard set of doors and windows. and we say that anyone who donates x amount of dollars gets free updates for life and gets to be the testers on all new features that come with time. once created, they could be sold for super cheap, 20 or 30 bucks maybe. then when they funds pool up, features get added, all the people who initially donated that x amount get the upgrades for free. anyone who came along and bought the objects can upgrade for like 10 bucks. and once again all the new comers would pay 20 to 30 and the cycle would start over.

Im not looking to get rich, i am looking to improve workflow in archicad.

Please let me know your thoughts everyone. i can code fast, and effectively. Help me help you make archicad what it has the potential to be on the gdl object side of things!!!



Or if someone is well off and wants to fund a project and get profit margins from sales i would be interested in working something out as well. I really just want to code and make it so that archicad has the upper hand in all catergories of bim!

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