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Change the Licence


Hi i want to change my licence from edu to a commercial one. But every time i open ArchiCAD its opened in the EDU Version - how can i deactivate the EDU Licence ? I Already tryed to deinstall it but it keeps running in the EDU

Eduardo Rolon

Just to check.

Even is you have a Commercial License if you open a file created in EDU it will switch from Commercial to EDU.

So try creating a new project and when you select "New" make sure to select "Archicad Template 2#" instead of "Latest Project Settings".

Alternative with AC open use File -> New and Reset


Create New Project From a Running Archicad

1.Use File > New > New

2.If you already have Archicad running: you can choose Latest Project Settings, rather than a template, for the new project.

Note: To automatically use the default project settings: press Alt (Opt) key with the New command. The command changes to New and Reset All.


Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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another Moderator


It is not about one specific file it about the whole PRogramm i just want to switch from EDU to Commercial mode. So that i am able to work

If you correctly uninstalled the EDU version and correctly installed the Commercial version then AC should not start in EDU mode. If when it starts it has "Education" in the launch screen then it is not uninstalled.


What I'm trying to explain is that even if you have correctly installed the Commercial Version when you open an EDU file then the Commercial Version switches to EDU.


I am trying to rule out that you are trying to "convert" EDU files to "Commercial" files by opening the EDU ones in Commercial. If when you open the Commercial version you use a Template that was created in EDU then the Commercial version will switch to EDU.



Possible reasons for a Commercial version starting in EDU are:

  1. Commercial version not correctly installed (used the wrong License number)
  2. EDU version not uninstalled correctly (though this is really strange since I have never seen it in the las 20 years using both EDU and Commercial)
  3. Opening an EDU created file in Commercial will always switch the Commercial to EDU.
  4. You can have both versions installed without conflict but you need to keep track of which you open.


Possible solution:

  • Uninstall AC by using the uninstaller
  • erase all folders and preference/settings
  • empty trash/recycle bin
  • restart
  • Reinstall


Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
another Moderator


Hi Brauni,


I assume you are running Windows. If so, you would need to Show hidden files, folders or drives in your Folder Options > View tab. In your Local Disk (C:), you should now see a "hidden" ProgramData folder. Browse the folder and look for Graphisoft > Archicad, I think (have not been using Windows for a while now since running Archicad on my M1 Pro Mac). The edu license file should be in one of the folders. Delete it and you are good to go. Archicad uninstall should remove the license file unless it was left behind unintentionally.


Hope this helps.