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License Borrowing - Borrow Dummy

Gabor Almasi


CodeMeter license becomes nonreturnable or the server returns 'No more licenses are available for borrowing' error message when trying to borrow a license, even if there are free licenses on the server key.


Borrow License has a security feature which may prevent borrowing for a limited time. This security feature is called Borrow Dummy, it is introduced to prevent multiplication of licenses and once Borrow Dummies appear in a network key, they will prevent individual users to borrow licenses for a specific period of time.
Borrow operation is stored in two locations:
  • in the key by the licenses
  • in the CodeMeter server's registry
If the key cannot find the registry entries while the return process or at the end of the expiration time, Borrow Dummy licenses appear.


Borrow Dummy licenses expire after the Borrowing period has passed (30 days by default). If the server key has been already corrupted, please contact your local distributor. As long as any of the licenses are in borrowed state,
  • do not upgrade the licenses on your Protection Keys.
  • do not install a new main version of ARCHICAD
  • do not unplug the server CodeMeter key from the computer or transferring it to a different one (even with the same network specification)
  • do not uninstall the CodeMeter driver
  • do not re-install the Operating system (Windows, OS X)
  • do not change the IP address of the server computer
All of these can be done after all licenses are returned and after the changes are made borrowing can be used again.
To avoid such problems follow the instructions in CodeMeter/Server article to set up your CodeMeter server.

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