License Update since Archicad 22

Abdullahi Hussaini
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Graphisoft Alumni
Since Archicad 22, you have the liberty of updating protection key with Archicad or License Manager Tool (LMT). The former offers the protection key update dialogue once a day when if an update is available for the plugged Hardware Key or downloaded Software Key, it requests approval for the action from the end user.

Protection Key Update

Select the Update Protection Key, and click on the Continue button
NOTE: Archicad checks for protection key update once a day.


Protection Key Update Information

Protection key which has the available update is listed, it shows the current content of the protection key and to which protection key it will be updated. If you would like to proceed with the update, click on the Continue button.
    • Archicad can update one license at a time. If you have multiple protection keys available, this option is supported only on License Manager Tool (LMT).
    • NET licenses can only be updated on LMT.

Updating Protection Key

Updating the protection key may take a few minutes, please be patient.

Protection Key Update Successful

After a successful protection key update, Archicad launches instantaneously after clicking Continue


Unsuccessful download or update of Protection Key

In case of unsuccessful download or update of the protection key, there is no cause for alarm. It might be temporarily; you can quit and reinitiate the activation process/update or opt to Start License Manager Tool (LMT) option.

      • By selecting "Start the License Manager Tool", it opens the application.
      • Follow the steps stated in this workflow.

License Download and Upload within Archicad

Starting with Archicad 22, licenses can be easily downloaded by starting an installed Archicad. From Archicad 23, it is also possible to upload the license back to the pool within Archicad. Check the regarding articles for further details: License Activation in Archicad 22 License Activation in Archicad 23

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