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License Update since Archicad 22

Since Archicad 22, you have the liberty of updating protection key with Archicad or License Manager Tool (LMT). The former offers the protection key update dialogue once a day when if an update is available for the plugged Hardware Key or downloaded ...

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Graphisoft ID

What is Graphisoft ID? Graphisoft ID (GS ID) is a unique identifier, based on users’ email addresses, to allow unified login to various web systems managed by GRAPHISOFT. Each user only needs one GS ID to log in to multiple websites. It is your gatew...

How to borrow a license to a machine with no internet connection

If you have never borrowed a license, this process will help you to create an Inactive License to enable license borrowing, in case you do not have an Internet connection on your machine. To learn more about License Borrowing, please follow this arti...

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User Feedback in Archicad

To help us make Archicad work even better for you, we have introduced a new survey feature. We know your time is precious: our surveys are short and take just a minute or two. Our first survey will be available soon: the “Net Promoter Score” is a key...

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Steps to Change Your BIMcloud as a Service Subscription

How to upgrade your BIMcloud monthly subscription Open the Subscriptions Portal Choose the Subscription group: Monthly Click Make Changes. Select Transfer Monthly to Annual and click Update Subscription(s) In the next dialog, - Set the number of BIMc...

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Archicad Protection Key Compatibility

Archicad Protection Key Types Archicad requires a hardware or software protection key to run in unlimited "full" or "commercial" mode. The following protection key types exist to date: Make Connection type Introduced With Version Compatible With Vers...

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Connect Graphisoft ID with Archicad License

Free Twinmotion license can be requested only if your Graphisoft ID is connected to an Archicad license. The connection can be established with Archicad 19 or newer version. Please follow the below steps: 1. Open Archicad, and in the Help > License I...

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Run ARCHICAD Educational along with Commercial version

There may be cases where both Educational (EDU) and commercial licenses are required on the same user, yet ARCHICAD always launches in EDU mode when both licenses are available.For more information on how can this affect the project file itself, plea...

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Automatic License Update

License Activation Starting with ARCHICAD 22, you can easily get your license activated/updated by starting an installed ARCHICAD 22, this way it gives you a more seamless experience with your license. When you start ARCHICAD 22 after successful inst...

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Purchasing Subscriptions

How to purchase a subscription for ARCHICAD Step 1: Sign in or Sign up For a new customer Open the webpage provided in the invitation Click on Sign up, then fill out the Sign Up Form Upon sign up, the GRAPHISOFT ID will be automatically paired with o...

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Managing Subscriptions

Where to check my Subscriptions Sign in to the webshop using your GRAPHISOFT ID Go to the 'Subscriptions’ Menu and select the 'Subscriptions’ sub-menu on the right This menu provides an overview of the Subscriptions. You can see the products, the num...

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Replacing Hardware Keys with Software Keys

Before You Begin To replace your hardware protection keys with software protection keys, you will use the GRAPHISOFT License Manager Tool. Download and install this program from: In order to manage softw...

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How to set the time out on a CodeMeter server

What does this value show? This value shows when a not responding license will be reset on a CodeMeter server. Until the end of this period the license is unavailable when the client lose the connection with the server. The default time out time is 1...

CodeMeter WebAdmin

Here you can find a summary of the functions accessible from CodeMeter WebAdmin administrative page. Only the necessary functions are explained, so please do not change the others without reading Wibu's manual (can be found at the bottom of this page...

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CodeMeter software protection for GRAPHISOFT products

CodeMeter features About the available protection systems About CodeMeter software protection About License borrowing CodeMeter Server setup guide Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide Error Codes Known issues How to report errors How to use WebAdmin...


Managing users with WibuKey Server

This article describes, how to manage user access to multiple WIBU NET keys present in the Network Client side - specify network server The servers can be set from the client side in the WIBU control panel in the Network page in the WkLAN Server sear...

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Accessing an ARCHICAD Protection key remotely

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the ARCHICAD client computer to remotely access a ProtectionKey shared via the Internet. The server-side setup is described in these articles: Sharing a WibuKey Sharing a CodeMeter key To be able to remotely...

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Remote Key Upgrade

WIBU hardware protection keys (WibuKey and CodeMeter) for GRAPHISOFT products can be remotely programmed via: If you have recently purchased a GRAPHISOFT product (ARCHICAD, BIMx, MEP modeler, license borrowing option), ...

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CodeMeter software protection

Changes in Software Protection System from ARCHICAD 13 GRAPHISOFT provides the CodeMeter protection key (developed by WIBU) with ARCHICAD 13+. The CodeMeter hardware and software-based protection keys represent your license to use ARCHICAD. Like the ...

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