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CodeMeter WebAdmin

Marton Kiss
Here you can find a summary of the functions accessible from CodeMeter WebAdmin administrative page. Only the necessary functions are explained, so please do not change the others without reading Wibu's manual (can be found at the bottom of this page).

How to run WebAdmin

After a successful installation run CodeMeter Control Center:
  • On Mac: is located in Applications
  • On PC: CodeMeter Control Center can be run from the start menu
Click on the WebAdmin button located in the lower right corner of the window.
Alternative options:

Features of WebAdmin


The Dashboard tab collects basic information about your computer, CodeMeter and network settings. The Current Server at the bottom shows which computer's settings are displayed. Other computers can be selected by clicking this button, if remote administration is enabled on their CodeMeter WebAdmin/Configuration/WebAdmin tab.


This tab displays information about the connected CodeMeter keys.

1., CmStick

CmStick you can choose between the connected keys
Name the name of the key: no name by default, Graphisoft Borrowable License File for borrowed licenses
Hardware type of key/license connected: CmStick if the key is physical, CmAct if software
Status the key can be disabled/enabled here

2., Licenses

The licenses on the key are displayed here. For more details click on the license's Product Code.

License Monitoring

This page displays all existing licenses and their allocation ordered by users and related licenses.

License Tracking

License Tracking page allows you to track who, when, from where, how often uses server licenses.



Server Search List Enter the IP address of the server you want to use a license from. If the list is empty the computer will search accessible licenses on every CodeMeter server in the LAN region (you can specify multiple servers, ARCHICAD will search for free licenses in the order as on the list. If you have more CodeMeter keys, you can divide the computers between those.)

Define settings when using a proxy server. Proxy server is required, for example, coupled with:

 access via CmWAN on a remote CodeMeter server.

WebAdmin Define whether the computer's WebAdmin site accessible by other computers on the local network. You can allow or deny remote read and write access of the WebAdmin page. How to manage WebAdmin from an other computer:
  • Allow remote access on the computer which you would like to manage
  • Open a browser and type serveripaddress or name:portnumber/ for example:
  • Alternate option: open WebAdmin and on the Home tab/Host Name choose the computer from the list
This function helps the BIM managers to manage the licenses without logging in on the computer running the CodeMeter server.


Server Access

On this page you set up CodeMeter in a network and/or a wide area network (WAN). Please note that changes you make here will apply only after a restart of CodeMeter License Server.

License Access Permissions

Manage who can use a license from the server. If the list is empty then anyone on the local network can use a license. On access configuration you can select among a basic and an advanced mode. 

The basic mode allows adding client computer and IP addresses for accessing CodeMeter License Server on a network.

The advanced mode allows, for example, specifying global and specific access rules for accessing licenses and reserving license access for single staff member or complete Active Directory groups.

Please select the desired License Access Permissions mode. Manage who can use a license from the server. If the list is empty then anyone on the local network can use a license. After editing this, only the specified IP addresses can access licenses from the server.


In CodeMeter driver 6.00 or newer the Borrowing tab is not available in CodeMeter WebAdmin anymore. Information about license borrowing can be found here.

Wibu's official guides

This article is based on the manuals:CodeMeter Quick Start Guide, CodeMeter Administrator Manual. Wibu Manuals download page



Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin


Please provide detailed info on your problem, then it might be possible that some other users can give you a tip to solve your problem. Other than that, I also suggest to contact your local support representative, they will be happy to help you.

Kind regards,




We have client using Archicad 21 Net license hardware key. Client request the instruction of Activation and how to deploy the license from SERVER to USERS using NET LICENSE HARDWARE KEY.


  • The license already activated to server.
  • Question is from server how to deploy the license from user device.



Thank you

Barry Kelly

As far as I understand it, if the users are part of the same network that the network key is on, then Archicad will automatically search for an available licence.

If that is not working, on each machine running Archicad, go to the Codemeter WebAdmin as shown above.

Go to the Configuration tab > Basic > Server Search List.

Add in the IP address of the server that has the licenses on it.





I think that should do it.

That is all I have done at my office.




need the same network the SERVER and users?




 --- code meter web admin for SERVER -------



  -code meter admin for USER---

Barry Kelly

Of course, otherwise you could use anyone's license.

The server and users all have to be part of the same network.

If the users are external, they have to connect to the network via VPN.



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