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Educational License: Step-by-step

Did you know that students, teachers, and schools can get a free educational license to access Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, and BIMcloud? In this article, we will show you how to get your EDU license in some quick steps and explain everything...

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Archicad license types

Table of Content Commercial licensesTypes of commercial licensesFull licenseSolo licensePay-per-use license - PPURental licenseLicense borrowingSubscription licenseDemo ModeEducational (EDU) LicenseTrial LicenseSTART EditionBIMxEcoDesigner STARFile c...

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Educational License - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled in this article the most essential and often questions that students and educators might face during the educational license steps.If you want to learn how to get your Edu License, Install and Activate your Archicad or Renew your Edu...

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Serial Number not accepted in ARCHICAD

To be able to use Archicad in Trial or Educational mode, an email address (User ID) & Serial number needs to be entered. The Serial number for Educational purposes can be obtained on For Trial license visit Try Archicad for free on Gr...

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Corrupted Education or Trial version license file in ARCHICAD 18

Issue EDU or Trial users of ARCHICAD 18 may get this error message when launching ARCHICAD after renewing their license: Cause The education or trial version license file got corrupted during the license renewal process due to a problem related to Ja...

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Corrupted Education or Trial version license file in ARCHICAD 19

Issue Entered educational or trial serial is wrong and Corrupted education or trial version license file error message comes up after restarting ARCHICAD. Cause ARCHICAD can work only with 32 bit Java, and if a later version of 64 bit Java is install...