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Cannot Sign In to LMT to Download Licenses on Windows Servers

Affected operation system: Windows Server When trying to sign in to Graphisoft's License Manager Tool (LMT) with a Graphisoft ID on Windows Server, LMT keeps waiting forever and does not let any user log in properly to download licenses. Why is this ...

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License Manager Tool Log folder locations

License Manager Tool collects information of the license management related processes. These event logs can be used by the development for finding the reason and the solution for a possible issue. In case of unsuccessful license upload, download, upd...

Key Content is Not Accessible - Error Message Pops up in LMT

Affected version(s): Not version related | Severity: workaround applicable Issue "Key content is not accessible" error message pops up while uploading or downloading a software key with License Manager Tool. This phenomenon has similarities with the ...

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ARCHICAD or License Manager Tool: Sign in window is empty

Affected products: License Manager Tool, ARCHICAD 22, Only on Windows | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 254014 Issue When trying to sing in to ARCHICAD or to License Manager Tool with GRAPHISOFT ID, the pop-up window is blank: Reason The Sign-i...

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License Manager Tool (LMT) refuses to login with GRAPHISOFT ID

Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 221334 Issue In certain cases, it is not possible to sign in to License Manager Tool. After clicking on the Sign in button in LMT, then entering credentials on the appearing Graphisoft ID login page it is not pos...

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Software Key Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software Key? Software-Based Protection Keys - or Software Keys for short - have the same functionality as Hardware-based Protection Keys, but instead of storing software licenses on a USB stick, the licenses are stored in a software contai...