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Read articles about all sorts of licenses, their management, Graphisoft ID, Graphisoft Store, License Manager Tool, etc.


Graphisoft ID and service contracts

Certain content on the Community is accessible only if you have linked your Graphisoft ID to your software service contract (names may vary across countries and markets, e.g. SSA, Forward, ArchiPlus, ArchiCARD). I use a cloud license Using a cloud li...

Getting started with Graphisoft cloud licensing

Cloud licensing - introduction and benefitsLicense managementAssigning a license to Graphisoft IDLicense activation in ArchicadLicense transfer between computersDevice deactivation In January 2023, Graphisoft began offering a cloud licensing option f...

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Cloud licenses vs. Key-based licenses: Frequently Asked Questions

Who should read this article?New cloud licenses available in the Graphisoft StoreCloud licensesWhat is a cloud license?What’s the advantage of cloud licenses?In which cases is the cloud license good for me?If I have a cloud license, can I work offlin...

Katica Graphisoft

Educational License: Step-by-step

Did you know that students, teachers, and schools can get a free educational license to access Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, and BIMcloud? In this article, we will show you how to get your EDU license in some quick steps and explain everything...

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Cannot Sign In to LMT to Download Licenses on Windows Servers

Affected operation system: Windows Server When trying to sign in to Graphisoft's License Manager Tool (LMT) with a Graphisoft ID on Windows Server, LMT keeps waiting forever and does not let any user log in properly to download licenses. Why is this ...

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Graphisoft ID Authentication in Archicad

Graphisoft ID is your gateway to a great personal experience with all of the products and services we offer, including Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, DDScad, Learn, Community and Forward.Learn more about the benefits you can access with Graphisoft ID here...

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Educational License - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled in this article the most essential and often questions that students and educators might face during the educational license steps.If you want to learn how to get your Edu License, Install and Activate your Archicad or Renew your Edu...

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Graphisoft ID - Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Content What is Graphisoft IDWhat is Graphisoft ID?Where can I get support for Graphisoft ID?Archicad authentication with Graphisoft IDWhat are the benefits of authenticating Archicad using Graphisoft ID?How can I authenticate Archicad using...


Assigning Licenses on BIMcloud as a Service

As an administrator on BIMcloud as a Service, you might want to control who can use your licenses and how. Read this article to learn about BIMcloud User Licenses on BIMcloud as a Service. What a BIMcloud User License is If you had only BIMcloud Basi...

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Graphisoft ID: One Login. All of the Benefits

Graphisoft ID is your gateway to a great personal experience with all of the products and services we offer, including Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, DDScad, Learn, Community and Forward.Signing up is simple and free at

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Connect Graphisoft ID with License

Since ARCHICAD 19, this function allows you to connect your personal Graphisoft ID accounts to your Graphisoft ID Company based on the protection key running Archicad. This can be done between one individual Graphisoft ID one license of the Graphisof...

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Trial License

We have suspended the Trial Program as of January 25, 2024, so the options and processes described below are currently unavailable. We still want to encourage you to try Archicad, though. To learn more, please get in touch with your local Graphisoft ...

License Activation since Archicad 23

License Activation Starting with Archicad 22, you can easily get your license activated/updated by starting an installed Archicad 22, this way it gives you a more seamless experience with your license. From Archicad 23, it is also possible to upload ...

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License Activation in ARCHICAD 22

License Activation Starting with ARCHICAD 22, licenses can be easily downloaded by starting an installed ARCHICAD. This way it gives you a more seamless experience with your license. Workflow 1: Without being logged-in with GRAPHISOFT ID When you sta...

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GRAPHISOFT ID: Cannot Sign in with Facebook/Google Account

Affected version(s): Not version related Issue Cannot sign in to GRAPHISOFT ID with social media account, however the account has been authenticated with Facebook or Google. Cause Starting from the 15th of August, 2019, signing in to GRAPHISOFT ID wi...


How to Change the Administrator of a Graphisoft ID Company

A Company Graphisoft ID is created automatically when the first person in a company associates their individual Graphisoft ID with any of the company’s Archicad Protection Keys through the “Key pairing” process. The first person who completes the Key...

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mtron Graphisoft

License Manager Tool (LMT) refuses to login with GRAPHISOFT ID

Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 221334 Issue In certain cases, it is not possible to sign in to License Manager Tool. After clicking on the Sign in button in LMT, then entering credentials on the appearing Graphisoft ID login page it is not pos...

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Software Key Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software Key? Software-Based Protection Keys - or Software Keys for short - have the same functionality as Hardware-based Protection Keys, but instead of storing software licenses on a USB stick, the licenses are stored in a software contai...