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Graphisoft ID Authentication in Archicad

Roland Szabo

Graphisoft ID is your gateway to a great personal experience with all of the products and services we offer, including ArchicadBIMxBIMcloud, DDScadLearn, Community and Forward.
Learn more about the benefits you can access with Graphisoft ID here.

Beginning with version 25, Archicad requires you to log in with your Graphisoft ID. This article describes the steps. 

How does it work?

At the first launch of the program, the following start-up dialog will greet you:

  • You don't have to sign in each time you launch Archicad.
  • Simply enter your Graphisoft ID and work as usual. Your sign-in credentials will be stored.

If you do not have a Graphisoft ID account yet, you can easily create one in Archicad's start-up dialog by clicking on Sign up now.

After signing in, the usual Archicad start-up dialog will appear, with your name registered in Graphisoft ID showing up at the top right corner:


Clicking the button shown below, there is an option to sign out. Use this function in case you want to associate another Graphisoft ID with Archicad.



If you choose to click on Skip Sign-in at the bottom of the dialog, at a later launch, in case of no internet connection, you might encounter this dialog:

In such a case please connect to the internet and click the Refresh button. The sign-in dialog will then appear, and you can sign in with your Graphisoft ID.


NOTE: If Archicad could never communicate with Graphisoft services since the first launch, the dialog requiring Graphisoft ID authentication does not appear. In this case, Archicad starts up just like any previous version.


You can also sign in with your Graphisoft ID inside Archicad's Work Environment:

  • Click the Graphisoft ID button at the lower right corner
  • Or navigate to Help > Sign in...

After signing in, clicking the same button will also give you the option to sign out.

For more information and help regarding Graphisoft ID, please read this article.


Is this a one-time sign-in process? Or will this sign-in process be a recurrent process on some given interval? What happens down the line after our initial sign in if we are working on a plane, a remote site, or just anywhere in general where internet access is not available and this pops up?

Barry Kelly

This is what I read in the article...


  • You don't have to sign in each time you launch Archicad.
  • Simply enter your Graphisoft ID and work as usual. Your sign-in credentials will be stored.


So far I have not been asked to sign in again.


If you get the message that you are off-line, you have 30 days to reconnect and sign in again.

You can press the 'skip sign-in' button and continue using Archicad for the next 30 days.

After 30 days, if you have not signed in again, I interpret it that Archicad will no longer run until you sign in again.




Thanks Barry. My main concern is that I will be somewhere like I mentioned above on my laptop (I primarily use my desktop for Archicad) and may be caught off-guard to sign in with no internet. It's happened before on a laptop with Adobe. The thing is that we all have paid "full price" for the software in the past; not like the current subscription model with other software where the monthly fee is all you've ever paid. Not sure if it's appropriate to require us to manage our logins for a software we paid outright for.

Anyway, until we know more, it's all supposition.

Barry Kelly

I can assure you that if you 'skip sign-in' that Archicad will keep working.

I have not gone the full 30 days to find out what happens then - as I read it, Archicad will stop working after 30 days of no sign-in.

But I agree with you, if I've paid for the software, I don't want it to stop - whether I sign in or not.


If you sign in before the 30 days is up, then it will remain logged in again.

Should you again have not internet and you skip sign-in again, you will get a new 30 day expiry.


The only thing not clear in this article, is what happens after 30 days.

Will it continue to work after 30 days if there is still no internet?

Is it just a case of connecting to the internet and simply sign-in to continue working?

Maybe @Roland Szabo could clarify?







Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Hi @Barry Kelly and @Rex Maximilian 


The authentication process works in a way that the sign-in token is remembered once you sign in. So after signing in, you don't have to worry about anything, even if you don't have internet connection at Archicad startup.


If Archicad starts with internet and the token is not available, only then the authentication process kicks in. But if Archicad never starts with internet, then it won't be necessary to sign in with your Graphisoft ID.


If Archicad is not authenticated after the 30-day period, certain functions will be disabled. But you can still authenticate Archicad after this period, and Archicad will work as usual afterward.


I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if you have any further issues!

Best regards,


Well, I'll just trust then that it will never "not" work at any inopportune moment. That is my only concern.


Thanks Minh


"Graphisoft ID is your gateway to a great personal experience with all of the products and services"
Not great experience at all. I am not seeing any benefits of sign in and in many cases it took a few hours for sign up confirmation email to come through and users sitting around unproductive.
This is a very expensive 30 day trial Graphisoft!


We have 13 in our team of drafties and designers and my PC holds the network dongle. As this is a one off sign in to activate AC25 should each user create their own Graphisoft ID ( cumbersome ) OR as I am cad manager, can I use my existing credentials as a blanket sign in & registration for the whole dept.?

Barry Kelly

I wouldn't use your personal credentials, but I guess there is nothing stopping you creating a company default user ID and everyone can use that.

They will all have to sign in on there own machines though as they start Archicad.

It is not something you can do on the network machine.


But it only takes a minute for a user to create their own ID.

They can then be linked to the company account by the person that has administration privileges for your company account (usually the first user that crates the link to the company account - but it can be changed).


I believe linking them to the company account gives them all the same privileges as the company through its SSA (Forward) agreement.




Thanks Barry. I use my work credentials for my Graphisoft ID. It's been my default to validate downloads, installations, updates etc. and receive correspondence from Graphisoft for some time. We have a few offshore drafties that remote into workstations in the office so their administrative privileges are restricted. It was obvious that a single point of contact was a good option for us, I just needed to ensure it was not going to be an issue. So you've definitely answered my query, cheers.


My Archicad crashed and now its asking me to reauthenticate. So it's not really a sign in once and forget...


On another topic, GS is supposed to remove collected data on request, right? So what If I request my data to be removed? Since GS collects my data every day, I could be a *ick and schedule an email for it to be removed every day? 😄


Further to this, I just received an email from in regards to  BIMcloud presentation on July 14th. Following the register link, it is not recognising my email as associated with GSID and asks for another registration, company info, password, etc. Seriously, how many times will you ask for my info!!??


Hi Guys,

Just got that thread from a Support call with Graphisoft where we are in a discussion that due to security reasons some Proxies will also block Internet connection based on calling Software components (e.g. some outdated Browser Versions or so).

In our global company the Proxy blocks the use of older components from the Browser Chrome that are used as embedded framework in Archicad 26 (its called CEF, Chrome Embedded Framework). So in our case the Version of Chrome Browser to be blocked is currently 90.x.x.x (actual Version of Chrome is 105.x.x.x). Chrome releases new Browser Patches nearly every week for security reasons, these are the x.x.x behind the major Version.

What drives me crazy is that the components for Internet Access used by Archicad are of more than 2 yrs old softwareversions (here 87.x..x.x  for Archicad 26!). So uppon our security policy I cannot any longer activate the Archicad License because of these old components and the blocking policy of our Proxy. Maybe you faced, that there are some nice guys out there who tries to come into your network to take some money. Think about the log4j vulnerability earlier this year. So Internet connection stuff should be of the nearly most recent softwareversion possible,


Long Story short: Graphisoft offers us to use a Licensedongle and to cut off all Archicad BIMx and internet functionality we are also make use of rather to update or patch the software to raise security. 

Think about: You have an open connection based on potential unsecure Software code. 

Theres another Software in the Nemetschek Universe with the same issue.

And we have another E-CAD Software that UPDATES their components to fix that. It works.

Is there a chance to get directly to Software Deployment?

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