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Read articles about all sorts of licenses, their management, Graphisoft ID, Graphisoft Store, License Manager Tool, etc.


Graphisoft ID and service contracts

Certain content on the Community is accessible only if you have linked your Graphisoft ID to your software service contract (names may vary across countries and markets, e.g. SSA, Forward, ArchiPlus, ArchiCARD). I use a cloud license Using a cloud li...

Getting started with Graphisoft cloud licensing

Cloud licensing - introduction and benefitsLicense managementAssigning a license to Graphisoft IDLicense activation in ArchicadLicense transfer between computersDevice deactivation In January 2023, Graphisoft began offering a cloud licensing option f...

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Cloud licenses vs. Key-based licenses: Frequently Asked Questions

Who should read this article?New cloud licenses available in the Graphisoft StoreCloud licensesWhat is a cloud license?What’s the advantage of cloud licenses?In which cases is the cloud license good for me?If I have a cloud license, can I work offlin...

Katica Graphisoft

How to distribute multiple BIMx PRO licenses in your company?

In many large companies of the AEC industry BIMx PRO is used by a large number of employees on many devices. You can make it easy for everyone to get their own, individual BIMx PRO Subscription by using Apple’s App Store & iTunes Gift Cards for Busin...


Emergency License for Archicad

In case you have an issue with your Archicad licenses, we offer our 7-day Emergency licenses to help you continue working while your license key is getting troubleshooted. What is an Emergency License? An Emergency License is a no-charge, single-use,...

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Trial License

We have suspended the Trial Program as of January 25, 2024, so the options and processes described below are currently unavailable. We still want to encourage you to try Archicad, though. To learn more, please get in touch with your local Graphisoft ...

Invalid SSA after Downloading Software Key

Affected versions: all versions | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: #233430 NOTE:This issue it is expected to be fixed in an upcoming Update to ARCHICAD 21. Issue After downloading a software key, SSA status of the license is inactive, therefore ...

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