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Managing users with WibuKey Server

Judit Boros
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
This article describes, how to manage user access to multiple WIBU NET keys present in the Network

Client side - specify network server

The servers can be set from the client side in the WIBU control panel in the Network page in the WkLAN Server search list.
In case of the list is empty, the clients computer searches in the whole subnetwork for available licenses and connect randomly to the first network key, that allows the entry. In case of we add servers to this list, the clients computer will connect to the WIBU server after this list (from above to downstairs) and will not look for another server to access.

Server side

From the server side in the WIBU control panel in the Server access page can be controlled, which clients can be accessed to the server. In the list is a default setting, that controls the servers ground function.
Beside the default entry clients computers can be added with IP address and with the computer's name and give different authorities to different clients. On the bottom part of the panel the authorities can be set with pipes. Read: client can read the content of the WIBU Key on the server Access: client can reserve an empty license on the server Cancel: client can fire another users from the server with the help of the server monitor. ( WkSvMon )
NOTE: any changes has been made in the WIBU control panel can be verified only when restarting the WIBU server.

Ideas to the previous options

There might happen, that 1 client has 2 license on 2 WIBU Keys This can happen, when while starting the ARCHICAD first searches on the server "A", but if there is no free license, it searches on the server "B" and reserve it. The user then starts a new ARCHICAD session and searches for another free license, than it goes to server "A" and if there is a free license, it reserves right away without noticing, that is already has an access to server "B". That is impossible, that one user has 2 access on one server. (If only one ARCHICAD version is running. Multiple WibuKey protectied versions can allocate more licenses on a server, for details see: ProtectionKey#WibuKey_compatibility) The advise is, that the clients needs to be assigned to a certain server and disable for the another server.

Assigning advices to '''WIBU servers'''

  • 1: The best solution is to create a user groups and control the server side.
Set up the server that only certain clients can access the server and deny the access from another users.
  • 2: more flexible solution is the following example.
There are 2 servers and 20 clients. Group one from 0-10 has access to server "A" in the first place but has secondary access to server "B". Group two from 11-20 has access to server "B" in the first place but has secondary access to server "A". With this settings we can avoid that one client uses two server but there is a possibility of reaching another server when one is full.

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