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More appealing draft design

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my name is Merlin, I'm an architecture student from Germany. I'm trying to create the same style of plan drafting as shown in the photo example I attached to this message. I'm wondering, if this is possible with Archicad exclusively, or do I need to use photoshop in Addition/exclusively to create the same effect? What is your recommendation to achieve the most appealing effect? The textures are made up of little uneven pebbles.

I hope someone can help me with this, so that we can create more appealing drafts of our projects.

Kind regards

Eduardo Rolon
That could be done in AC but creating the fill pattern might evetually slow down your project. You can do it 2 different ways.
  • One is creating a Symbol Fill which will need a lot of elements to look correct. Think of using Illustrator to create the pattern. Advantage here is that it will show up automatically in section. Disadvantage is that it migh slow down your drawings.
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  • Two is to create an Image Fill (more like Photoshop) which should not slow down your drawings but you will need to place and update manually.
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    another Moderator

    Hi, do you want to do get this result from a 3d model or you just want to draw it in 2d?

    If you are planning to get it from the 3d model, i think is possible with the process Mr. Ejrolon describes, using many patterns in one single composite material or using many layers with different patterns. If you want to do it from 2d, you can also do it, but then, why do it in Archicad? Youll get better results if you do it in Photoshop, Autocad, or even by hand which is where this graphic style comes front.

    My guess is that it will be easier to do a composite material to simulate the horizontal ground layers, but the area around the draining fades in diferent directions so i think it would be easier to do with a 2d fill or in photoshop to create a seamless transition.
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