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Wait for Educational license

Leticia AU04

A few weeks ago, I've sent the proves that allows me to get the Educational License for one year, but I didn't receive it yet. I want to know if I did anything wrong in the process.


There seems to be a lot of educational users reporting delays in obtaining educational licenses. This is something that GS need to look in to as they are the next generation of users. 

If you go to you can then log in with your Graphisoft ID. At the top there is a Get in Touch button that will show the details of your local distributor. Contact them and chase them up. 

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - Archicad 27UKI Apple Silicon 27.2.0
macOS Sonoma (14.4.1)

Hi @Lee Hankins ,


Actually it's the opposite. Earlier, Educational License registration was a 3 step journey:

- Create a GSID

- Get a 30 Day EDU trial

- Sign up for 1 year license

Then you needed to wait for approval and get your 1 year license if eligible. Our experience was that this flow causes way more confusion then benefit.


As a first step in improving this, we are piloting a new simplified flow. We have eliminated the 30 day trial, so now most students go directly in a 1 year approval flow, and student can submit their proof of eligibility right in the signup form. Because we and our partners need to validate the request a few days of delay is expected to receive the license. We're looking into how to make this process even easier and quicker in the future. We're on it 🙂


We're actively promoting the Community for our student users, so we hope that more and more will be able to use it and reach out to us directly here.


These are the things that can help to speed up the process:
- students use their university email address when signing up for an educational license

- students submit a valid proof of eligibility in the form


I hope this gives some clarity and a peek into what we are working on with the EDU team. Thanks for your attention.





Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager

Szabolcs Miko

Hi @Leticia AU04 ,


Sorry about the delay, your license has now been approved. Thanks for reaching out here!


Best regards,



Szabolcs Mikó

Education Program Manager

That’s brilliant. Thanks for the reply. It’s great to see so many new educational users coming online. I know from my own experience that the default application taught in university is Revit so it’s great to see the uptake by students of Archicad. 

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - Archicad 27UKI Apple Silicon 27.2.0
macOS Sonoma (14.4.1)
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