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AC21 Stairs - Will it go over itself?


Playing a bit with the new toys, I noticed that -I assume it is by design- the stair tool won't go over itself. Is this true? I understand that in order to avoid potential problems with height clearance this could've been incorporated as a feature, or so that you can't make one single stair to build a 10 story staircase, but there are times when you have enough height between stories that you can bend the stair path to go over where it began, or a double full turn stair for a high lobby.

"Make two stairs", you might say... but how about a 1.5 turn spiral stair?

If this is how it is supposed to work, I think they revited the stair tool functionality.
Just checking things here.

Best regards.
The almighty Eric Bobrow has a tutorial on the subject!

Windows 10, Archicad 27

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