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ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix-1 (build 3014) released

Greg Kmethy
We have released Hotfix-1 (build 3014) for ArchiCAD 16. The primary reason for releasing this Hotfix is a crash that occurs fairly frequently when launching a second instance of ArchiCAD 16. Besides this, there are a couple of zone calculation-related fixes included.

The Hotfix is currently available through the automatic update system for INT, USA, AUS, NZE and GER language versions. Other language versions will be enabled as they pass QC. You can find a list of fixed bugs in the release note:

We are planning to release the next Hotfix early fall.
Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft
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Strange...I downloaded the AUS version yesterday 2nd August OZ time
Barry Kelly
Balazs wrote:
Barry wrote:
That is why I thought it might be there now.
I actually created a new login and straight away I was able to download the AUS version.
But when I login with my existing details I can only see the page with my previous downloads.

Dear Berry,

In Australia International version is not offered for professional users. I checked you account and it seems that your current ArchiCAD product is the International (because you have changed country from UK), so you cannot upgrade to a new version in Australia. This is why we developed a new function (next to the country change) with which you can choose your preferred ArchiCAD language version (not available in every country). Please go to your account page, select Australian ArchiCAD 15 as your preferred language. After that the site will offer you to try ArchiCAD 16 Australian version.

Best Regards,
Thanks for responding Balázs but I don't seem to have this option (see attached image).
I originally registered as UK because I wanted to get the INT version and this seemed to be the easiest way to do it.

There is a "set preferred language" button on the main page but this is next to the older downloads for 14 and 13 but as these were also INT it doesn't change anything.

Could INT be an option next to everyone's localised version?
Many people work internationally these days with the internet and it is nice to see how the main version is set up rather than our modified local version.

One of the forum moderators.
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Very weird bug... and I'm not sure how it relates to the ArchiCAD 16 codemeter upgrade but it seems somehow related.

Last night our network codemeter was upgraded to 16, but we are still working on 15 (build 3898 on Windows) for our projects until testing is done and templates updated.
We also, however, added a new folder with some updated library parts (for 15) to the C drives of all the workstations.

With teamworked and solo files, on different workstations with different projects, there is a dimensioning bug which has occurred between yesterday and today. Find any string of dimensions and add a new dimensioning node - ArchiCAD thinks about it for a second or two ... and then CRASHES.

Is anyone else having this problem? Please would you guys test to see if you can add a node to a dimension string in 15 if you've upgraded your protection key to 16 already.

GS or Karl, anyone: Could a loaded libraries affect dimensioning? Or for that matter updating the protection key to 16?

Thanks in advance

Karl Ottenstein
kimfromzim wrote:
GS or Karl, anyone: Could a loaded libraries affect dimensioning? Or for that matter updating the protection key to 16?
Hi Kim,

Hate to hijack this hotfix thread ... maybe you can copy your post into a fresh one? This seems like a nasty issue.

Adding dimension nodes works fine for me on Mac in 15 still after the 16 CM upgrade. It seems unlikely that either libraries or the CM key upgrade (or even CM driver) could cause an add-node crash. Since it happens on Solo files, it can't be related to reservations ... The only thing I can think of that could impact things would be 3rd party add-ons. You could try temporarily moving any that you have from the Add-Ons folder into another folder, restart AC and see if things are still amiss...?

One of the forum moderators
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Sorry Karl - moved to "Other Problems".
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Still not fixed the problem with trimming polylines.
If dimension placed on the end of polyline, then ArchiCAD crashes when trying to trim polyline with Ctrl+click tool.
about RUS goodies v.16.

Dear Moderators,
Could you chek this pag, please

On this page are links ArchiCAD 15 R1 (build 3006) instead ArchiCAD 16 R1 .

Please, change the links.
Katalin Takacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
The Goodies for ArchiCAD 16 have been uploaded today:
Katalin Takacs
Katalin wrote:
The Goodies for ArchiCAD 16 have been uploaded today:
Good news!
Thanks Katalin!
Stress Co_
Balazs wrote:
Jose wrote:
Uff... You are a lucky boy, I'm Spanish and here the spa version will be release some day in October... And even with archiplus update we can't use the INT version... So if you can use the INT version you are very lucky.

Dear Jose,
I also checked your account on, and you are registered to USA, so if you login you will be offered to download the new version. You will get a 30-day serial of course, but that should be enough to try it out
Best regards,
Not to derail this thread... but,
can I download the INT version (I'm registered in the USA)?
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