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ArchiCAD 21 Stair tool break lines

Stuart Bloese
I'm currently working on a simple project with a pair of houses (semidetached) each containing a single stair from ground to first floor. The floor levels of these house differ by 225mm. The stair that is at 0 displays correctly with a break line on the ground floor and no break on the storey above. The staircase on the house that is 225mm lower will not show a break line on the ground floor plan regardless of how I set the parameters.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a way to get the lower staircase to display with the break line?

Currently running AC21 build 5010
Mac OS 10.12.6



Hi Chris -
it is definitely 'something else'!

For a CAD modelling program this old we really shouldn't have to do these bizzare workarounds. All other objects relate to their home storey logically - ie if you say show on home and one above it does.
I am now struggling with a stair and railing after an update to AC24-5004 that stubbornly refuses to follow any of the graphic controls, despite being associated with a stair simply because the stair is 10mm below the storey! The stair is fine but the railing can't cope. The only solution is to move it 10mm up and lower the notional height by 10mm. Fine here but useless for compliance checks on my other stairs that are -113mm and -78mm because those levels are existing.

Has anyone got a diagram that shows what the five floor plan display Layouts mean when you don't use relevant stories? ie on home storey and one up why are there still 5 options?

Does this get fixed in 25 yet?

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