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ArchiCAD27. MEP


Hello. Can anyone explain the concept of ArchiCAD27. MEP. What we have now and where we are going. How to get parameters of library elements, insertion of crosspieces and other devices, etc. in catalogs?2024-04-12_194627.jpg2024-04-12_194847.jpg


I know about your addon. It's good. But I have a slightly different direction. I'm interested in regular tools. Before version 27, I took any parameters from the elements. At 27 this method does not work. Or I don't know how. I just need to know if there is a standard method, without additional complications.
I don't work in version 27. But they ask me to develop MEP libraries for it. If there is no simple solution tell me. If so, explain with an example.

@masterslug wrote:

 If there is no simple solution tell me.

As far as I know from information from this forum, there is no other way.

Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties

Thank you. Probably need to wait. The tool is raw. And even native libraries do not work as expected.