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Archicad on M2 MacBook Pros?


Although I’m working full time at an office, I’m considering getting my own AC license and practicing or doing freelance work on my own personal machine. And as I need to replace my old laptop anyway, I’m considering one of the new M2 MacBook Pros. Can anyone say anything to their compatibility, as well as performance (modelling and rendering)? Thanks!


Nine months after this thread was started, is it still true that M1 chip is superior than the M2 currently available on stores for running ArchiCAD?

I've been away from the AC/Mac news for a while... Is "ARM" the new chipset of Macs? Is the ARM-native AC version already launched? 

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M1 superior to M2 - I don't know.
ARM is Apple Silicon, Apples own System on a Chip CPU/GPU/Memory. It will replace eventually all Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs inside Macs.
Yes, Archicad 26 ARM was launched already. Most of the 3rd party add-ons are also ARM native now.

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Hi Minh,


I know this is an older post, but I wondered if there was any update on the M1 versus M2 performance? I've been looking at a 16inch MacBook Pro and trying to decide between M1 Pro or M2 Pro. 

Many thanks!


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