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BIG Problem in AC10!!!!! with copying any object!

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BIG Problem is because I can't use copy command, not only in menu, but also by ctrl+c combination, as soon as i do it AC crashes.This problem apper some time ago, but before this averything was OK.

I allways use "ctrl+c", and at once during my usual copying procedure AC crashed, and now i can't resolve this problem. The only resolution is to reinstall AC, it's terrible. I've reinstalled AC, everything vas cool, but during some time it repeated.

Maby the problem is, that by pressing ctrl+c I press one more button, or clik a mouse, or make 2 commands at one time because i work fast, verythimg can happen, ok let the AC crashes, but can i resolve this problem by another way, without reinstalling, or to find out where is the problem!


Laura Yanoviak
Markit -- Don't know if this will help, but there are others with your problem:
MacBook Pro Apple M2 Max, 96 GB of RAM
AC26 US (5002) on Mac OS Ventura 13.5

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OK thanks!

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