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Ci Tools window + door scheduler problem


Hey Gurus, im having a problem where the Ci Tools window + door scheduler will only update when i go to "CI Tools" - "Door + Windows" - "Update Schedule". Even when i have marked the "Auto Rebuild" box. And when i use this function "Update Schedule" it rearranges all the windows and doors back to its original location which i then  have to move again to the position i want it on the page every time i update, which is proving to be a royal pain in the bum. please help

Barry Kelly

Someone here may answer (I don't use CI tools), but you are probably best to contact Central Innovation support directly.



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Rubia Torres


I am sorry to hear you have experienced issues with this product. I agree with Barry here, you might want to contact Central Innovation Ci Support channel directly to investigate this behavior. You can reach out to them here.

Hope they can help you ease the job.


Rubia Torres

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