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Climate server is not available!


Hi! I've been trying to access the server of Strusoft from AC26 and AC25 to download the local data of Lisbon, but the climate data window prompts the following message (this message appears on the other computers of the office too):



Does anyone know how what might be happening? Thanks!

AC 26 INT & POR 4019
Windows 11

I did exactly the same as well, and the issue still there unfortunately.Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.27.14.png

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Hi @Florian1961 and @Ian_Forbes_Architect,


Thank you for the feedback.

I asked my colleague to check it on Apple Silicon earlier today, and the workaround worked for him. I also tested it on macOS Intel and Windows prior to posting the solution.

Could you please send a screenshot of the open .plist file (make sure it's the Archicad version you're using) with the server address selected? See an example.


Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 11.13.26.png


Edit: pasted the image into the reply directly 🙂


Kind Regards,

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

Dear Oleksandra, 

My sincere apologies. I checked and I realized my mistake. While I was using the ArchiCAD26-ARM version I edited the Archicad26 prefs file. Once I edited the ARM prefs file everything is now working. Shame on me and thank you for your patience and thorough explanations. 

Florian Techel

No worries, I'm glad to hear the issue is resolved!

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

Dear @Oleksandra Vakariuk ,


Thank you very much for taking the time to help us with this issue.
Finally, the climate data is working.
(I did miss the "/" symbol at the end of the address.)
Thanks again.

All the best.

I'm happy it's working for you as well!



Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

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