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Combine Zones

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In the basement, I have two apartments along with some rooms that belong to the apartment on the ground floor.

To visualize this, is there any way to combine zones into a sort of superzone?

I want to highlight that a set of zones belong to one apartment and another set of zones belong to the other apartment.

For example make a zone that includes a set of rooms and is colored red
Barry Kelly
You can use the manual placement method and create a zone of any size/shape you want.
But if you also want the individual room zones to be there as well you may experience some issues with overlapping zones if you are trying to get information from schedules.
You could try adjusting the placement height and overall height of your group zone so it doesn't pick up doors and windows but will still give you an area.
It all depends on what information you are trying to get and what setting you have in your schedules for filtering criteria.

Or you could just use a fill if you don't actually need a zone as such.

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