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Complex profile column causes issue with zones


I sorted out some wall junction issues with a complex profile column. Fixed it. But then I had to find out that the automatic  zone updating doesn't like them and it won't update the zones.


I am waiting for graphisoft to come back to me but after over a week I assume I won't hear back from them or they can't resolve this.


Anyone had this issue and managed to resolve?





It is a known frustration. Unfortunately the advice from here leaves you with elements that won't automatically update...


You can draw a Polyline around the column between the ends of the walls. You need to tag it in the Polyline settings as a Zone Boundary (look for the tick box).


You can change your Zones to manual and edit the shape around the column.


There may be other suggestions to get around this, but they are my preferred methods. 

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Grinding my gears for years now. I've complained in the Beta, but to no avail. Still no ETA for a fix in sight.

The zone only cares for the reference lines of the walls as a bounding. So the trick is to have those still join up, even if you "patch" over it with the column. This will look fine in 2D and 3D. Luckily the zone will then still find the outline of the column (as long its settings are correct) and thus everything will be fine, even with protruding columns. No need for 2D lines.

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