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Counters Disappearing


Some background:  I work for a custom home building company and we draft in Archicad 24.  We do custom files with our homes per purchase of the client. 


We show views of our counter tops on our permit sheets for kitchen and bathrooms.  We have been using a sink object throw to the side of our 3d workspace and fills to make counters.  When a client purchases a home they have the option to reverse the floor plan.  We do this by selecting everything and mirroring it a few feet away.  The counters never get touched, they show up fine on our first round of checks.  When they go to their second round of checks, usually the file has been touched up with very small corrections and is republished, they have been coming back with the sinks missing in the counter view.  When examining the file, the sinks that are off to the side are completely missing.  We've been using the same method for years with no issue and it seems that they only disappear when the plan is reversed. 


Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening and maybe how to stop it?

Barry Kelly

I vaguely remember a post some years ago about this, but I can't think where to start looking or what exact terms to search for.

When I get time later I might go looking.

Sorry that doesn't help you much.


But, do you have the most up to date version of 24 installed?

That may help if you don't.




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I have the latest version of 24 installed.  I did however have a library update so I will see if that helps.  However, I was informed this morning that the other people in the office have been having their counter fills and other things like details that we keep to the side also disappear even when the house is not reversed.  I think we will wait it out a little longer to bring this discussion up again so we can try to pin point more of what the issue is and bring our findings back here.


Thanks for your help!

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