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Three different angled walls connection



currently I'm working on some old buildings I got to adapt. There's a lot of walls with different thickness, and the 90 degrees connection is pretty rare in this case. Is there any option to make connections like on the screenshots clean? I've tried to change junction order, but it didn't do anything. 2022-05-17 081114.png2022-05-17 081208.png2022-05-17 081254.png




I see on the image that the reference lines of the 3 walls aren't intersecting at the same unique point, that's why the connections aren't clean.

In the second case offset the reference ligne of the interior wall to match the intersection of the 2 others.(you can use the command "Edit / Line & Face Reference / Modifie Wall Reference Line" )

In the thirst and third ones, I think you can stretch the end of the ref. ligne of the 2 exterior walls to match the end of the interior one.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey


Thanks, manipulating both ref line and junction order helped a lot! 😄
I've got one more question if you will. There's wall made with complex profile and it just won't connect properly with another, standard wall. Is there any way to connect them?

Witch one is the complex profile wall ? What is its profile ?

Are the materials the same ? For Archicad, same materials means same exact name of the material. The fills could be the same if the names differ the materials are consider different.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

It turns out that names of the material weren't exactly the same, so thanks a lot for your help once again 😁

Eduardo Rolon

For reference, an old trick that sadly still works

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