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Creating Image Fills

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Computer/Software Platform Info:

Mac OS X
ArchiCad 12 Build 2675

I would like to use an image fill in my 3D model so that I can orient the textures correctly so they can show up correctly in my 3D views. To acheive this, I have been going into the Options>Element Attributes>Fill Types. I then click on New to create a new Image Fill. I name it, then hit ok. The problem is that I can not use it with anything except Drafting Fill, and what i need is a cover fill. The option is completely greyed out (as is cut fill). This basically means that I have to fuss with a material's orientation within the material's attributes and basically never get it totally accurate. I would love to know if anyone else has run into this problem and if there is a work around or if there is a way to solve this. It really creates problems with our rendering capabilities. Can anyone help? My only other option is to call Tech Support and pray that they know how to fix this. I don't have much hope.
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In AC 12 the image fill has only the option as drafting fill, AC 13 it has cover fill as well.
But I think you need the option of Align 3D Texture. This can be found at Design/Align 3D Texture. You need to be in 3D to do this, the rest speaks for itself. Note that doing this aligning you are also aligning any 3D vectorial hatching.
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Hi Siobhan,

You can select whether it's a drafting, cover, or cut fill by ticking any of the boxes highlighted below.

Hope that helps!

Edit - Sorry, I misread your post - image fills are drafting only in AC12. Use Align 3d Texture as Masterscript suggest to adjust the position of the textures in your 3d window.
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thank you to both of you for your help. i will try the Align 3D texture method as image fills do not provide other options beyond drafting fills.
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Just to let you know: In ArchiCAD 13 image fills can be used as Cover Fills too.
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Regarding the image fills - how do you properly set the image size in order to avoid the appearance of the fill boundary lines within a fill? Actually when I zoom in, the boundary lines are not visible and everything's perfect but I see them when I zoom out. I don't know if they are visible when printed. And If I increase the size of the texture image, there are no lines but the texture gets too unrealistic.
Barry Kelly
I don't think it will be the image size that is the issue here.
Open the image file up in and editor (Photoshop or similar) to see if there are any wrong pixels at the edge of the image that is causing the line.
If there are you will need to crop them off so you will get a clean join.

If that is not it and the join changes as you zoom it may just be a display problem.
Try printing (to a PDF should be fine) and see what that looks like.

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