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Deleting unused layers

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I'm deleting unnecessary layers from a project, but I've encountered some problems with some layers. Even though the layer doesn't have any elements on it, Archicad still gives me the warning sign that there will be elements and/or attributes missing. When I click for more details, it shows the list which says "unreserved parts with missing attributes: Type: Memory. Total: 1." (or something similar, my Archicad is in another language so I'm not sure what the correct English version is). What does that mean? There aren't any elements on the layer so to which does the memory refer to? Is it safe to delete this kind of layers?

Also, is there any easy way to find where the elements on a certain layer are situated? I've been going through the 3d-model/floors with find and select tool, but that seems rather slow, especially if I have to check the sections and elevations too.

Barry Kelly
Could it be that the default setting for one or more tools is set to use the layer you are trying to delete?
It could also be that some of your favourites may be set to use this layer.

Unfortunately you will have to check each section, elevation, detail, worksheet, layout individually if you want to find where the elements are.

However if you open the Attribute Manager and look at the layers you will see a tick next to those that have been used (or is set as the default layer for a tool).
It still won't tell you any info as to where an element might be or what tool is using that layer.

If there is no tick they should be safe to delete.

Just to be safe always keep a copy of you file before you start deleting bits out - just in case you delete something you shouldn't have.

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If you are deleting a used layer AC gives you the option to move objects to a different layer. In your situation where the using element can't be identified I would make the "move to" layer as "Archicad", you can then hide all layers in the model but those on the Archicad layer will remain visible to be edited as required.
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DGSketcher wrote:
If you are deleting a used layer AC gives you the option to move objects to a different layer.
This is only an option if you delete layers from
the "Layer Settings" window.

You won't see the option if you delete from "Attributes Manager".
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