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Dialog Boxes Disappearing

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I've been using Archicad 11 for more than a year after upgrading from Archicad 9. I'm using Windows XP (Home Version). I have 1 GIG of RAM and 64M video card. Different times for no apparent reason, I click on a tool just like I've done hundreds of times, and suddenly the dialog box will not show up. When this happens Archicad locks up. Then, after Archicad locks up, parts of dialog boxes in Windows start to disappear. When I move my mouse over the "disappeared" parts, bits and pieces of it start showing up. I have quite a bit of software on my computer, and Archicad 11 is the only software that gives me this kind of problems. Even Archicad 9 does not give me problems. Any realistic suggestions as to why Archicad 11 would do this?

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qwsoftdraw wrote:
...and 64M video card...
This may be the problem. AC11 uses far more of the power from the graphics card than AC9. Your card may not be able to keep up on occasions. Check you have the latest drivers for it also.

The RAM is also on the low side too. I would recommend at least 2GBs for trouble free usage. Windows XP on its own uses almost 1GB!
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I bought a new video card with 512MB memory, and the problems seems to be resolved now.
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