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Differense in behaviour of roof


When I create a flat roof, and alter the angle in 3D, the change is reflected in the Roof Height and Pitch window.


But when I alter the gableheight of a gabled roof, using elevate ridges, it doesn't reflect the changes.  


Bug or intended?



Windows 10, Archicad 27
Barry Kelly

By 'flat' roof I assume you mean a single plane roof.

They only have one surface and therefore only one pitch.


Multi-plane roofs can have any number of surfaces and only show the original pitch as it was created.

In the settings (not info box) you will a warning to say there are multiple pitches.




If you click on a pivot line of a multi=plane roof and go to the 'Custom planes' option in the pet palette, you will see the custom pitch.





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That makes sence. It never crossed my mind that I could do other things whith the gable than just elevate it!



Windows 10, Archicad 27

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