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Door Marker Question

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Hi friends,
I posted this question before to Libraries / Library Parts / GDL section but there was no response.

I'll send it again. What do you think?

I want to adjust the door marker as shown in the picture. The door name and its dimensions are in the same row placed parallel to the door leaf.

I couldn't do it by default door markers. I think i need Custom Door Marker.
I don't know GDL settings.
Looking for your help

door marker.jpg

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That is a hard one. I thought you could do it in the normal marker, but I
could not do it . hum...
It seemed so simple.
Lets wait for some help.

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Look here, and here.

Follow the above links, the discussions have links to valuable information.


PS If you want someone else to do it for you, start by looking at
Masterscript's website. Probably others on forum also offer gsm services.

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I have done this with custom markers for my clients and the solution is not trivial. The trick is to figure out the location and rotation angle for the marker to make it automatic.

An alternative is to make user parameters with dynamic hotspots and adjust them manually but this is a bit tedious.

I'll see if I have one I can share.

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Check out this new object:Total Marker. It has many features, one of which is to follow the angle of a dooropening.

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