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Fill problem

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Hi to all!
I'm very i will work A 6.5 - 7 - 8 and could build simple 2d hatch.
And now in A12 i can't !!!!
When, par example i built in 2D one rectangle and fill with any vectorial fill pattern with simple 2d design option only appears solid fill no patttern.
I search for old option :

options/preferences/miscelaneus/fill background color/use drawing background!!!!!!!

and there is no more!

any help please, I lost any amount of time

pd: I also edited new symbol pattern 30 cms x 30 cms
and also es filled full solid never with the pattern!!!!
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See under Model View Options:
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Thanks for your help!

But the problem is the same, only solid fill no pattern in any way!
The change work for solid / or empty fill but not for the pattern fill.
I can't figure out where is this particular hateful problem.
In 3d fills work perfectly and in 2D works also good but only on solid objects
like walls, beams, slabs, etc. My problem i see is only in 2d but only when i try to fill empty borders (wihout a material to assign) like a rectangle.

I hope someone know whre is the configuration problem.
Presently my solution at 2d is draw a slab and then assign the fill pattern
specific material.
But i want to found why a simple rectangle is only filled with solid and not response for pattern in any way!

A12 2523 SPA Full.
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I found the problem!!!
Need to activate overrite fill color background!!!

But now i have other problem:
How can i do for the fill respect the turn line of a door?
same that respect the objects?

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