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Finding/Importing Laboratory-Specific CAD Objects


I am very new to Archicad.  I will be using this program to design clinical laboratory spaces.  Can someone direct me on how to find 3d CAD images of laboratory equipment and objects?

Ricardo Lopez

Hi. You can check that type of 3D assets in webpages like: bimobject3dwarehouse , etc. and depending on the file format available (rfa, skp, lcf, gsm, etc.) you can import it directly to Archicad.

M. Arch. Ricardo López
BIM Consultant | Project Solutions and Services | Panama
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Thank you!

Just a word of warning. A lot of these websites produce Archicad objects that are converted from other formats so can have many polygons and be much less efficient than proper Archicad GDL objects. This can bloat your file and slow it down. We tend to use as close as possible one of the built in objects and where we need to generate views of specific areas we use the actual objects on a different layer. It keeps the file size down. 

Lee Hankins
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Thank you!

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