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Hide material attributes


Anyone know how to hide materials in the list? (I'm not talking about a schedule here, just the normal menu of attributes you use to assign materials to surfaces.)

I've downloaded a bunch of custom objects that come with their own materials which automatically populate the list with extra materials I'm never going to use myself, especially since half of them are in German or Portuguese or whatever and they just make it really hard to finds the ones I do want to use.. I can use the attribute manager to delete or rename, but not hide them, and the problem is that the objects still need those materials to work.
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Not applicable
Unfortunately it is not possible.

David Maudlin

One solution is to add spaces (" ") to the front of the names of the materials you want at the top of the list (the ones you use frequently) or underscores ("_") to front of the names of the materials you want at the bottom of the list (the ones you don't use but need to keep). This is most efficiently done with Attribute Manager.

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