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Wall/composite wall doesn't inherit the property of the material



I have defined a set of attributes related to Fire Rating Levels (Structural Adequacy, integrity and insulation) that we then use as criteria to manage the rules of the Graphic overrides:

If the property has a specific value the element is shown with a different hatch or surface. For example: if FRL contains 90 the wall's hatch is shown in yellow; if it's 120 then we change to blue; and so on.

To achieve this in our fire compartment plans I have to go through every wall and input individually the value of said properties.

The building material of our choice is Hebel and it's performance is always -/90/90. By defining these values at the material level I was expecting the wall to "inherit" said values by default but it is not happening.

How does this work? Have I missed a link between these entities (property/building element/classification)? I have associated the material to the same classification as the building element (in both cases Archicad 24 - Wall) and I checked that these were set to the correct default values (Adequacy: - , Integrity: 90 and Insulation: 90).

I also tried this with composite walls (ones that use Hebel as a core layer) and it doesn't work either.

Thank you for your time.