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How do I create polygon stairs?


I’m having some trouble creating the shape of the stairs I want. I’m trying to make a building that has stairs as a roof (i’m not sure of the proper name) and I don’t know how to create something like this. Can you help me? What do I do and how?

I’m a student and just started Archicad 26. 
thank you in advance,



the black line is the outline of the building and I want that to have stairs 


Barry Kelly

I don't understand what you are asking for (and I am not sure many others will either).

Your image already shows stairs.

Can you sketch what you are wanting to do.


If you just want to change the shape of the stairs, you can do that in 2 ways.


If you select the stair and you see the reference line (the one blue line), you can adjust it with extra nodes and the stair will follow the reference line.


If you select the stair boundary (select on the side that is not the reference line - you will see two green lines), you can adjust the shape of the perimeter of the stair.

The path of the stair flights will not change, just the outer shape.


Maybe watch some of the YouTube videos about stairs to see what you can do.




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