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How to hide in 3D or 2D?

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I was wondering how I can hide particular stuff in 3D or 2D?

2 cases:

- I want to hide my zones in 3D. They only make the 3D-model more complicated and I want to hide them in the 3D. How do I turn this off?

- I have drawn a hedge by using a wall with hedge-Material. I don't want to show them in my elevations. How do I turn this off?

Thanks in advance!!
Barry Kelly
Using layers and turning them on or off in various layer combinations to get the view you want is probably the best way.

You can filter elements so they don't show in 3D but you can't control this in various views and it affects all of the elements.
You might be able to use this for your zones if you never want to see them in 3D but you wouldn't use it for your wall because ALL walls will disappear.

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Thank you for the reply Barry Kelly.

But when I use the 3D-model (Ctrl+3), I mostly don't use views but just the free orbit mode. Is there a way to turn off e.a. all the zones whenever i use a 3d-model?
View > Elements in 3d View > Filter Elements in 3d View and then uncheck Zones in the dialog box.
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View> Elements in 3D View>Filter Elements in 3D

Uncheck Zone.
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Thank you very much everybody!

Practical stuff that is very obvious for you, but not for a newbie! 🙂

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