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Is there a way to brighten the interior render of a room, without putting lights on?


1) Is there a way to brighten the interior render of a room, without putting lights on?

2) To launch a rendering, I clicked ctrl+9, now with Archicad 23 this command doesn't work which keys should I click, without going through the top buttons?

Thank you

Schiarire il rendering.jpg

Erwin Edel

1.  Short answer: no. 


If you don't want to add the whole lighting scheme (understandably), there are some 'general' light sources you can add to the scene instead. I recommend the sphere shape and position it behind the camera, to act like a flash or those fancy studio lights that a profesional photographer would bring to light a scene.


2. I don't think it is a default hotkey, but mine is F10. You can set these in your work environment.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5
David Lukacs

Hi Giovannino,

You can use physical renderer and if you do so, you can 'brighten' your image with the F-stop/Shutter speed settings of the physical camera. In this case you will prabably increment noise level as well. Before you go to the flash direction what Erwin mentioned, I suggest you to put area lights (softboxes) to the windows/doors, this way the result will be more natural. 

Rubia Torres

Hi @Giovannino60,

Regarding your second question, you can check the current shortcuts and personalize them here: OptionsWork Environment > Keyboard Shortcuts.
For more details: Archicad 23 Help 

Rubia Torres

Community Specialist | GRAPHISOFT SE
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