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Line of slanted wall corners doesn`t appear

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Hello everybody! I am new to Archicad and now I`m trying to understand and test its modelling capabilities especially.
So I have just noticed that when i draw slanted walls, the intersection line of them does`nt appear on the floolplan. I have switched to Projected, Projected with overhead, etc all those options and the same result. It only shows the countour edges. Is there an option i dont know about it? I mean, if complex shapes occur under the cutplane, their projected edges should appear.

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Hi Coty,
Coty82 wrote:
I mean, if complex shapes occur under the cutplane, their projected edges should appear.
You are totaly right... it should!

As I don't use slanted walls that much, I didn't notice it.

I couldn't make it show...

I wouldn't call it a bug... more like a "missing feature"...
Thomas Holm
In theory, you're right. In practice, the floor plan view isn't a true 3D view, it's largely symbolic, even when it tries to be "projected true cut". This issue is an example.

To see that line, you'll have to do a top view parallel projection in the 3D window in Hiiden Line mode, and then make a 3D cut at the level you want.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1
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I understand, thanks for replying. Yeah, its not a bug, its a missing feature. Its not the only software that uses symbolic representations of plancuts instead of real horizontal sections. I`m a student and I`v been using Allplan from Nemetschek in the past but iam not satisfied with it anymore. Its less flexibile and user friendly than Archicad. And it stands worse at floorplan representations. Revit represents all geometry correctly and is very intuitive in modeling but runs slow in my computer.
I think it wouldn`t be such a hard update to do for Archicad though. I`v noticed that the meshes (or roofs) edges are correctly shown in floorplan. But if i use the Mesh to roof tool for ex, the resulting geometry has some problems with the mesh faces intersections. But i think they resolved it somehow in the Archicad 13 version with the option to choose any angle for the roof border.

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