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Mesh terrain creating only using elevation points

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I have a map within a city with elevation points of the terrain but i do not have the contour lines visible.
Is there a way i can create a mesh terrain only using these elevation points?
I wish it was possible to do that without drawing a line.
I know i can import a Surveyors Data but i only have a PDF with the map and point location and their elevation, without contour lines.

Thanks !
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Ok i just found a possible method. I read that there is or there was a point object which can be placed on the point location of the map together with their elevation values.
Then i can create a schedule with the point XYZ coordinates, export as EXCEL, convert from excel to TXT file and then import the file into mesh as surveyors data
I hope it is still possible in AC23
You can use the pdf either as an overlay or as a trace reference on another storey level. I have stories identified as 3D Site Plan (for meshes) and 2d site plan.

Draw a mesh using the outermost points of the map. Select the mesh and directly over the known elevation points using the mesh single line method click once and then again. In the dialog "New Mesh Points" which will pop up select "Fit to User Ridges" and click "OK"

With the mesh still slected click on the newly created point and select elevate mesh point (Z) you can raise or lower the point elevation. I usually figure out and specify the Reference 1 Mesh Reference Plane (Options:Project References:Reference Levels) using the lowest elevation point offset from Project zero. This is usually a negative number represented by the difference between the actual mesh point z-level and the actual plotted elevation.

I have at times hand input complete master grading plans using this method when other methods aren't available although I will ask the surveyors xyz ASCII files and import surveyors data (Design:Place Mesh from Surveyors Data) as a mesh.
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