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No fills in archicad 13

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I have a problem with the fill tool. I can only use solid fills in color, but there are no fills with patterns to be found, or yeah, but they are all black and there are only like 10. I don't know what to do. Should I reinstall Archicad 13 or look somewhere for them?

Also, an important thing to mention. When starting Archicad 13, there´s a library report about a missing part called 'Surface Textures'. I haven't deleted anything but I guess it's related to my problem.

Please help! This is sick.
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Oh this might be useful to.
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It seems you are confusing fills and textures. These are two different things.

Fills are vector patterns for line drawings (mostly) and managed as attributes in the PLN file.

Textures are image files used for rendering (mostly) which must be in the loaded libraries.
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1 Library Loading report:
click on the Textures, see #1 in red on attached image.
it will show you exactly which texture is missing.
Then go to >Options > Element Attributes > Materials. At the top click on material name and a new window will open showing all loaded materials. As you run your cursor over the material names, their attributes will show up where I've got #2 pointing in the attached image. Run through all materials until you see the texture listed that matches the missing texture in your Library loading report.
Then chose another texture from your library. Now this texture you choose may not be the one you want but it will get rid of the error message, and you can figure out where the texture really is later.

2 Fills
In the Fill tool settings dialog: Check the pens in use for the fill. There is a cover fill pen and a cover fill background pen, If they are set to the same pen, you get a solid fill no matter whether you are using a solid, vector or gradient fill.

When you click in the >options >element attributes > fill types and the click on the fill listed there you should see something like #3. If not let me know.

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