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Parametric Profiles - Adjustable fireproofing

Szabolcs Miko
As a newly introduced feature in ARCHICAD 22, the parametricity of profiles can be used for multiple purposes. One of them is to create adjustable fireproofing/insulation for beam or column elements. Later, the thickness can be adjusted by element, letting us use only one Profile to fit different requirements.

How to create modifiers? Parametric Modifiers can be added in the Profile Manager under the Modifiers tab.
  • click to add Modifier
  • choose reference point
  • choose the edge
  • place the modifier

How to offset multiple edges? Other edges can use the same offset dimension which then can be edited manually in the settings dialog or graphically in floor plan, section/elevation or 3D.
  • select the modifier from the list
  • click on the icon to add or remove edges to Offset dimension

How to adjust the values? To edit in 3D:
  • select the element and then the edge (in this case any edge)
  • drag the edge by using the Offset Edge command from the Pet Palette (use the tracker to enter exact values)
These values can also be edited in the element's Settings dialog, under the Profile Offset Modifiers tab.

  See  Warnings and tips for Offset Modifiers
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