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Profile manager dimensions crash Archicad SE 2021 INT 4023


I keep having crash while dimensioning in complex profile manager.

As I see it has been fixed for AC24, but I'm on SE2021 with latest update (4023) - is there a way to fix it?

Archicad Start Edition 2021
Barry Kelly

Why do you need to dimension in the complex profile manager?


The dimensions will not appear as part of the profile and from memory they won't even save with the profile like other annotation does (at least they didn't used to).

Many years ago I did use dimensions as annotation and had to explode the dimensions into lines and text so it could be saved in the profile.

Of course that doesn't help if you can even place a dimension now.

Maybe just use the measure tool and annotate with text?



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Yeah, in the end the profile works as intended without using dimensions.

It's a pity though that the bug was fixed in AC24 update but SE2021 didn't get the fix.

Archicad Start Edition 2021
Benjamin Dani



Thank you for your question!

Archicad Start Edition is usually created around the first or second update of a specific commercial Archicad version. This means that Archicad SE2021 has the same update level as Archicad 24 UP2 has. 
I would highlight here that only Full and Solo versions receive constant updates. 
Since the update which fixes this issue has been released with Archicad 24 UP5, it's not available in SE2021. 

As I can see the crash is not happening in Archicad SE2022, so it might worth updating to this version. 

Should you have any questions let me know!

Kind regards,


Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer