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Railing- connections on landing


Hi, I have problems with inner railing on half-landing staircases. On the point where it breaks on the landing, the toprail part creates this weird twist on the second flight (railing on first flight connects just fine). 

Railing is associative to staircase, switching to static does not help. It cannot be dealt with within Toprail connection settings either. 

Switching to static or changing reference line does not help in any way... 

Does anyone know what could be the problem/solution that would not mean adjusting settings in edit mode?


Attached are some screenshots of the problem. 





Is that set to Direct Connection? Have you tried changing the connection type to Goose Neck?

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Attached bellow is what happens when I change it to Goose Neck. To me it still seems like there is a problem in the way it is associated with stairs. 



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