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Replace Window Schedule

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In the file I am working on, the Window Schedule shown under Schedules > Elements was completely messed up when someone else was previously working on this file. I have concluded that the only thing to do is delete it from the layout and from Schedules > Elements.

ArchiCad Help and a Google search have not produced any info on how I replace it with an "unused" "new" interactive schedule. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance.
Barry Kelly
If you know what is wrong with the original schedule you could just fix it up.

If not then you can create a new one from scratch or you can IMPORT one you have done in another job - you will need to EXPORT it first from that job so you can IMPORT it into your current job.

Then create a view for that schedule with the correct settings (layers, scale, MVO, etc.) and then add that view to your layout.

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