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Selection of hidden elements


Hello there!

I have a little issue. When I select an element in the plan and in the elevation it selects even hidden element behind the element I need to select. For example, on plan, clicking on the slab it selects the beam underneath. And same issue in the section. 

How can I avoid selecting hidden elements? And therefore, how can I select only the visible elements?


I think this is or should be on the Wishlist as it has been requested a few times. It doesn't just happen with hidden elements, it can occur with section/elevation depth lines and overhead elements that are partially hidden by the Floor Plan Cut Plane settings e.g. Roofs & Shells. Sorry, not much help but you aren't alone in your frustration.

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You can also tab to move the cursor to the next item if Archicad doesn't highlight what you want.  

When you select by clicking (as opposed to defining a selection area), there are 2 ways to select.

Clicking on an edge/node of an element or clicking on the surface.

To click on a surface you must have the 'quick selection' magnet active, either turn it on in the selection tool settings or use the SPACEBAR key to toggle it on/off.


Either way, if there is only one element available to select it will simply select it.

If there are multiple overlapping elements then you can press the TAB key to cycle through the available elements.


Holding the SHIFT key while selecting (which simply means add to selection), will instantly highlight the element you are about to select.

If it is not the correct one, try the TAB key.


Note, element like slabs and roofs only have a surface in plan when you turn their cover fills on.


You can also activate any tool when selecting and hold the SHIFT key (add to selection), and it will favour that particular type of element first.



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