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Shell tool + CI Roof covering


Hi, I'm currently trying to work out how my curved roof (done with Shell tool) can also incorporate the CI Roof covering to match the rest of the roof. 

It seems that with the roof tool is impossible to make the curve I need. 


Thanks in advance


I haven’t done a barrel vaulted roof yet in Archicad but it would be good to learn how to do it.


That middle roof section would need to be a roof for CI tools to recognise it to apply roof sheeting over it as you would probably know ? I am not sure if the CI roof coverings will follow the curved roof section either yet ?


The shell tool will definitely give us a smother curve and I am not sure if you can convert a shell to a roof plane ?


This video below shows a few methods without using the CI coverings tools. I would probably try method the first method for simplicity.


There is a recent thread below that presents a similar problem.



If someone has a simple method, please show us all how.

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Hi, it's possible to create this shape with the Roof Tool except that you won't be able to create real curves, you will have to approximate them (see example) and it requires more work. 

Toit courbe en 3D.jpg

Toit courbe en plan avec construction.png

Toit courbe en coupe.png

Toit courbe construction.jpg

Toit courbe Options de géométrie.jpg


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You could also use a mesh and then use the mesh to roof accessory 

Yes but it will result in multiple single plane roofs.

I think in order to use the Cl roof covering add on a single multilane roof will be better.

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

I only work with single planes I'm not a fan of the multi but I can see where that's probably better.  I also use my own coverings so I'm sure there are some differences.

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